Q: Do I pay UK tax if I buy from overseas?

A: No. We use geolocation to identify your location, and show you prices without tax. You will not pay tax at checkout.

Q: Will I pay imort taxes when i receive my item overseas?

A: Yes. You did not pay UK tax, so you need to pay taxes in your home country.

Q: How do I apply lead coating powder?


  1. Grip your lead by the lead loop with a pair of piers.

  2. Heat the lead with a bow torch until the surface of the lead changes slightly. This change in surface is an indication that that lead is about to melt.

  3. Push your lead into the lead coating powder making sure the full lead is submerged for at least 2 seconds

  4. Shake the lead as you withdraw it from the powder to remove any excess powder

  5. Hang the lead up to cool

  6. As the powder cools it will form a smooth even finish

  7. If you want a textured finish you will need to dip the lead a second time then submerge the textured lead in water.

Q: Can I use lead coating powder to coat other things?

A: This powder will coat all metal items, provided you have the facility to heat the item and a vessel big enough to dip it in.

Q: What type of plastic is the powder?

A: It is Low Density polyethylene (LDPE).

Q: Do you ship internationally

A: Yes, we can send to any country, most countries can buy direct from this site. If it does not work for you please email us and we can sort it out.

Q: Do you have phosphorescent / luminescent / glow in the dark coating powder

A: No, we do not stock this. We have experimented with various glow in the dark formulas but find the the coating process ruins the luminescence of the powder resulting in a coating which will not glow for any significant time.

Q: Do you send out samples.

A: Yes, please email us with your requirements and we will gladly send some samples. There is no charge for this